Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Cape Town

Gynaecology Cape Town specialising in women’s health, specifically the reproductive system and breasts. Dr Gary Groenewald sees patients for standard gynaecology check-ups as well as for the investigation and treatment of abnormal gynaecological conditions.

Gynaecologist Cape Town

A woman’s health journey can certainly be complex and taking care of your health should be a priority. See which conditions Dr Groenewald is able to treat.

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Gynaecologist Cape Town

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of personalised and expert care throughout your pregnancy.

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Gynaecologist Cape Town

I fell in love with Gynaecology as soon as I started my undergraduate training back in the 90’s at Stellenbosch University. I have never regretted the hard work, sweat and tears that accompany years of training and long hours in my chosen profession. I still enjoy every minute, and strive to reflect this through the expert specialist care I provide to my patients. I am passionate about patient centred individualised care, as no one therapy can suit all patients.

Your body belongs to you and therefore you have the ultimate right to make decisions that affect your health as a woman and journey as a mother. I believe in a pro-choice approach when deciding on the best options for your gynaecological and obstetric care.

What some of our patients have to say

I found Dr Groenewald to be unassuming, portraying rare qualities of being exceptionally compassionate, sensitive, kind and supportive.
Dr Groenewald did an amazing job of guiding us through my pregnancy confidently! He was so thorough and explained every stage perfectly, with a great bedside manner!
After many years of pain and excessive bleeding due to fibroids on my uterus, I recently underwent a hysterectomy. I was very reluctant to undergo this procedure as I, like many women, still held on to the belief that I would be losing part of my “womanhood”. I had also heard about the long recovery period and was very scared about the pain.
From my first consultation with Dr Groenewald, he really put me at ease and allayed my fears. His manner is very relaxed, whilst also confident and caring. Furthermore, he offered me the option of having the hysterectomy done laparoscopically. This meant that the entire procedure would be done through several small incisions in the abdomen rather than one large cut. I opted for the laparascopic hysterectomy and was indeed surprised that, just as Dr Groenewald had promised, I was almost pain free within a couple of days. My hospital stay was also significantly shorter.
Thank you Dr Groenewald for your excellent service. I would happily refer any of my friends to you and wish you well in your career!
Melinda Grayson